Our Services

Player Representation and Contract Negotiations

Chamba Sports Management offers representation and personal counselling to its clients at all levels. We are committed to providing excellence of service when advising our clients by maintaining a close relationship and placing their interest and well-being at the forefront of all negotiations.
Contract negotiations can be a complex process. At Chamba Sports Management whether we are representing a player, a coach or a club, we make things easy by ensuring our contracts are straightforward, honest and transparent guided by professional legal advisers and career development specialists. Our goal is to get the best possible arrangement for our client.

Career Development and Orientation

Chamba Sports Management believes that it is absolutely paramount that the players we represent fully capitalise on their career opportunity. We measure our success by how each of our clients fulfils their potential. That is – professionally, emotionally and financially. Taking into consideration that a player’s career is relatively short, our qualified advisors are always on hand to provide expert advice to our clients, both on and off the playground.

Chamba Sports Management team is available and always ready to provide support in the following areas:

  • One to One Professional and Personal Counselling
  • Tax Planning
  • Legal Advice
  • Image and Representation rights
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  • Pension Planning
  • Onshore and Offshore Investments

Public Relations and Marketing

At Chamba Sports Management, we take care that our athletes have a respectable public image and our media and communication specialists give tips and ideas on how to publicly represent themselves in other occasions out of their sports ground. Our clients acquire know how as well on how to respond questions from journalists and be excellent spokespersons during public events such as promotional or charity events.
Our experienced marketing team and freelance professionals, design individual strategies that are tailored to each player’s unique talents, goals and visions. We build marketing strategies that are very specific to each client, where we employ a top-down approach to marketing. We perfectly know how to manage our client’s exposures and at what which times.

Branding and Sponsorships

We assist with all further career related and private dealings – including commercial deals and endorsements, public relations, and club sourcing of its clients. By focusing on the complete development of the player-brand, we empower our clients to maximize their potential national and international earnings. This approach has helped us develop endorsement opportunities between our clients and some of the largest brands in the sports, lifestyle, non-profit and recreational industries. Building the image of our clients are personally and professionally taken care of especially as regards building digital reputation such as social media usage and as well opportunities in sponsoring deals, commercials and TV rights