About Us

Who we are

Chamba Sports Management is a sports agents company dealing primarily in team sports like football and basketball, including other sports! We are based in Germany and Cameroon and our team is made up of dynamic professional agents, lawyers, intermediaries, coaches and scouts ready to offer the best of our know-how and professionalism to our clients to enable them achieve the career they deserve. Our agency maintains a global network of contacts and partners all over the world.

Thanks to our team of highly trained international agents and experienced sport lawyers, we can act upon the needs of our clients and secure only the best for their future. Our team provide professional, proven advice and services in order to enable our clients enjoy a fulfilling career.

Chamba Sports Management is unique in its way of working in that we don’t only focus on representing our players but we go as far as to get the best out of them. We are a premium player management service which ensures that no matter where you are, you can be rest assured your career is taken care of both on and off the pitch.

Our Goal and Vision

Our goal and vision is to see that all of our clients are assured of the highest possible level of service and guidance. We work hard to ensure that our clients deliver clear and successful career progressions and that their potentials are maximised day after day.

With an untamable drive to be the best and successful, Chamba Sports Management continues to grow and offer more services to our players whilst maintaining a high level of honesty and commitment to their needs.
To reach our goals we offer:

  • Excellent service and close personal contact with each player.
  • Our expert knowledge of the different sports industries we work in.
  • Our worldwide network.
  • Our professional contracting and negotiation skills.

Our Team

Bobga Gerald Fonkenmun

Gerald Bobga Fonkenmun

CEO & DFB Registered Intermediary

Stephan Ellfeldt

Stephan Ellfeldt

International Scout and Consultant

Marta Chadalska

Marta Chadalska

Admistration and Marketing

Mbenkum Babara

Administration & Scout