country Soline Diane Djoubi

Personal Information

Position: Offensive Midfielder

Age: 5 (2017-05-23)

Height: 168cm

Weight: 60kg

Foot: Right and Left

Nationality: Cameroonian

Current Team: Eding FC, Yaounde (Division 1)

Status: Free & Available

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Soline Diane is considered by all as the upcoming star in Cameroon football. At her age she has already been selected in all categories of the National female squad. She is a very talented midfielder playing with both legs. She organises the game from the beginning to the end. Thus making her earn captain title of the team. Her speed and technical abilities has enabled her to grow professionally in the last years from college football to international competitions all around the world.
She is now ready for a new international experience and is ready to bring a lot to her future new team.
She is a very disciplined player and is presently available for trials.


2013 : FEMINA STAR D’EBOLOWA , Div 1 – Cameroon

2014 : AS POLICE – Div 1 – Cameroon

2015-2016 : CANON de YAOUNDE – Div 1 – Cameroon



– Diane is captain of the Cameroon Junior Female National Squad