country JANG Juvenale

Personal Information

Position: Left Back Defender

Age: 26 (1995-03-10)

Height: 1,77cm

Weight: 75kg

Foot: left and right foot

Nationality: Cameroonian

Current Team: Canon Sportif de Yaounde ( Elite One Cameroon)

Status: Free & Available

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- High work rate (tireless).
- Gets stuck in. Tough tackler of the ball.
- Can pick out teammates with a long ball.
- Wins high balls and doesn't let the ball bounce when they're trying to control the ball - first to the ball.
- Reads the game well so they can stop attacks before they start.
- Knows strengths and weaknesses (plays within themselves).
- Crosses the ball well.
- Serves in good long balls (driven passes) to the forwards to hold on to.
- Communication with other defenders to hold line and keep the other team offside.
- Knows when to make a professional foul - stop an attack by fouling the attacker but not so much to earn a red card.


Canon Sportif de Yaounde ( Elite Division 1) Cameroon